Coit Tower, San Francisco

SuperGiant Star Zeta Ophiuchi

Videos of Inquiry

Sailing into San Francisco Bay we use Coit Tower as a navigational marker. Runaway supergiant blue star Zeta Ophiuchi plows through space at 54,000 miles per hour creating her own course directions into the cosmos.

The videos at YouTube are modest attempts to model processes of inquiry: observing, thinking, questioning and challenging students with problematic scenarios. Perhaps one or more might foster discussion and set new courses toward developing students’ inquiry within our own classrooms.

Grade One: Observing the Model A Ford (Vancouver)

Grade One: Bringing Mom into First Grade (Vancouver)

Grade Four: Critical Thinking/Sharing Different Points of View about art (Vancouver)

Grade Four: Critical Thinking—Reliability of Sources

Grade Four: Erosion Unit: Observe, Think and Question (Austin)

Grade Four: Erosion Unit: Problematic Scenario (Austin)


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