Did You Ever Wonder?

"This unique book inspires all who educate to support curiosity, intellectual development and deeper understanding. Barell's examples raise awareness of the wonders in our world and demonstrate how to encourage and guide thinking to create the joy of learning."

-Dr. Marilyn Cain, Assistant Superintendent for Elementary Education, North Hills School District, Pennsylvania

John Barell (author of Why Are School Buses Always Yellow?) offers all educators—including parents, grandparents, teachers and child care providers—practical ideas, experiences and suggestions for nurturing children's curiosity and critical thinking "here, there and everywhere."

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John barell

John Barell


Prologue ix
Introduction—Antarctica: A very special project 1
Chapter 1—Modelling our curiosity 11
Chapter 2—Playing with possibilities 32
Chapter 3—Playing imagination games 51
Chapter 4—Critical thinking at home 61
Chapter 5—Fostering resourcefulness 75
Chapter 6—Inquiry and media 88
Chapter 7—Dinosaurs, Facebook and Twitter 102
Chapter 8—Wordplay and curiosity 119
Chapter 9—Navigating life 137
Chapter 10—You and your dream 153
Postscript 161

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